like a brick

i found a kitten in a shoebox covered with trash.

and let me tell you, nothing gets to me more than abandoned kittens. it's eyes were crusted over with goo and it was mewing all alone under heaps of plastic bags and soda cans. you really can't say no to that sort of thing.

right now it's much stronger and cleaner (than in that picture), and that gross stuff around it's eyes has even cleared up. unfortch for me though, my stepmom detests cats and ordered the help to throw it out. on the bright side, my maid has offered to take it home and raise it as her own.

so, go team kitten :)

and that, my friends, is my feel-good story of the weekend.

like a brick

oh my god.

guard: anong pangalan ng aso mo?
me: camillo.
guard: o, paano yung isa? PRATS?



_ _ _: so you don't think i should go out with him?
_ _ _ _ _: well, you can. but... let's just say he's the campus dildo.

like a brick

what, no cobrasnake?

i think it's hilarious and frankly, quite adorable that "the philippine star" has decided to go all hipster on us by pointing out that we should all head on over to the following fashion-savvy sites:

1. the sartorialist, NY (

2. misshapes (of course), NY (

3. facehunter, PARIS (

4. hel-looks, HELSINKI (

5. sthlmstil, STOCKHOLM (

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like a brick

i dreamt i woke up with butterflies in my hair.

and after picking them off gently, i realized that there were some more on my arms. and hips. and legs. and everywhere. and suddenly i was hysterical, tearing them off of me so frantically that there were wings all over the floor, and yet  for some reason, they still wouldn't let go. 

then i noticed that i had left the balcony door open, and covering the curtains were thousands and thousands of butterflies, just waiting to swallow me whole. 

and then the sun got in my eyes, and i woke up.

so here's a question: what was your most bizarre dream like?